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ACUTE STAGE (LEVEL ONE) This is the beginning of a new injury or an exacerbation of an old injury. There is usually a lot of pain, heat, redness and swelling present. The purpose of these exercises is to decrease the swelling and pain and increase the blood flow to promote healing. These are done on the floor or the bed and are non-weight-bearing.

SUB-ACUTE STAGE (LEVEL TWO) This is where the acute symptoms are improving but there are still significant limitations from our daily way of being. The purpose of these exercises is to start to develop the normal tonal relationships between each muscle and its antagonist. These are done in a non-weight bearing position but much more active then level one exercise.

CORRECTIONAL STAGE (LEVEL 3) This is where the true healing happens. Most of the symptoms have decreased dramatically. You are back to most and all of the activities of daily living but maybe doing them more slowly. There exercises are divided into 2 sections; one for stretching and one for strengthening. These exercises balance your body so that the joints are moving the biomechanically way they were designed and the muscles are balanced around them. When the musculoskeletal system is balanced, all movement is much more effortless and the chances of developing osteoarthritis (wear and tear arthritis) are diminished.

MAINTAINENCE STAGE (LEVEL FOUR) This begins with congratulating yourself for going through the program of rehabilitating yourself from your previous condition. In a busy world in which most of us live, it is easy when symptoms abate not to continue our healthy lifestyle. This is where you find your balance in your life for the long haul. As humans we are creatures of habits. Good habits are generally as easy to do as bad ones but changing habits take some determination. Make a list of priorities in your life and set yourself a plan, a workable and reasonable one. Health is about better choices over a period of time. Then begin your new lifestyle.

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